Midweek Features 1/12/2010

All the featured images and poems this week have been inspired by Tammara’s wonderful image ‘Compassion’.

Compassion, by Tammera













Sadness by Agnès Trachet

Clandestine by Linaji

Odessey by m-mission

Headlight Sale by Geraldine Maddrell

Ice Queen by MagpieMagic

Compassion, by Tammera

The poetry this week also contains the theme of compassion. Compassion, ( or lack of it) for oneself and for others. Do read these poems  – they are fabulous.

Charmiene Maxwell-Batten

Anorexia by Charmiene Maxwell-Batten

Kristin Reynolds

You think you know me- but all you see are your own ghosts by Kristin Reynolds

Betty Smith-Voce

A Treasure – A Tribute by Betty Smith -Voce


The Ballad of the Ice Queen by MagpieMagic


Aug San Suu Kyi: A tribute to a beautiful woman by moonlover

Rebecca Weston

Cry Rape by Rebecca Weston


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